Hair Botox Vs. Keratin Treatment

Hair botox is a new revolutionary hair treatment that attracts a lot of attention on the hair market. I just recently found out about it myself and immediately started browsing for more information. I have to clarify that is has nothing to do with a cosmetic procedure and it does not contain Botulinum toxin (BTX), which is the main ingredient of BOTOX.

What does it do? The product contains mixture of proteins, caviar oil, collagen, vitamins, antioxidants, natural acids and healing agents that help to restore and reconstruct damaged hair, eliminate frizz and nourish the hair. It doesn't need any chemical reaction to work and it doesn't contain formaldehyde; therefore it doesn't cause any unpleasant odors or scalp irritation when used.

The application process is very similar to a keratin treatment service: clarifying shampoo to remove all the residue on your hair and open the hair cuticles; application; 20- 45 minutes processing time; blow dry; flat iron to seal the cuticle. 

How long does it last? The result will last two to four months with a use of a proper sulfate free shampoos. 

When can you use hair botox? The service is very safe and works well on all hair types if used in moderation of course. If you have any of following condition the service is right for you: 

  • split ends

  • very fine hair, lacking volume or luster

  • dry and damaged hair

  • frizzy hair

  • hair that look dull and lifeless 

  • hair that you want straightened 

Will it make my hair completely straight? According to softer hair - absolutely not![] This treatment enhances your hair’s natural texture in order to make it more manageable and radiant. Naturally straight hair will become shinier and smoother. Heavy curls will become smoother and frizz-free. Coarse hair will see an immediate reduction in frizz and the treatment will make dry and brittle hair shinier and healthier .


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