In 2010 Katya Rodionova has started her career as a hairstylist. After graduating from the University of Economics in Russia she came to the US to live her dream. She realized that economics wasn’t it and decided to enroll to cosmetology school. Now, she does what she loves and starting with a little number of weddings she quickly grew and now built a team of bridal hair specialists.

It’s all about the experience and that’s what we provide to our clients, bringing their wedding day dreams to life.  Our team of hairstylists love meeting amazing woman in their happiest moments and our desire to understand the needs of our clients has helped us to succeed in the industry.  

All of our team members are experienced beauty professionals and motivated on location artists with well over 100 weddings worth of experience. We specialize on bridal and special event occasion hair in PA, NJ, NY and other destinations.  

From the first consultation through the wedding day, our first priority is to make sure that our clients are relaxed and comfortable with us.  Book with us and we will work with you to ensure your wedding look is as beautiful as you have imagined.